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Executive Career Coaching and Advice

With our career coaching concept specifically designed for the executive level, we can explore your full potential and define the right direction for your career.

Executive Career Path Program

Our unique career path concept is targeted equally for younger leaders as well for senior leaders who want systematic but human centric approach to elaborate their own careers inside out. The program consists of three distinct phases with four face-to-face sessions and subsequent follow-up calls which prepare leaders for bold career moves as well as pave the way for harnessing their true and authentic leadership potential.

The program phases:

Phase 1: Reflecting your aspirations against your values, motives and leadership styles

Phase 2: Defining personal purpose and potential

Phase 3: Navigation plan to direct your own career

Our career service is based on best practices and scientifically tested tools. As recruitment professionals, we have hands-on understanding on what is required from successful leaders today and we truly believe that your prior career does not need to define you. Together we can define a new path and might even set you on a totally new trajectory!

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