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Executive Search and Succession Planning

We modernize the way in which executive talent is found and ensure an equitable, fair process.

Our support to succession planning ensures that leaders are prepared to take new roles in the organisation and developed to their full potential.

Executive Search

Our inclusive executive search service is a specialized, consultative process. We use modern, effective methods and the highest levels of integrity to guarantee the right talent decisions for your long-term business success.

The process always starts from a deep understanding of your future needs in terms long-term strategy, planned strategic actions, current state of leadership, organization and culture.

We search candidates from the widest possible talent pool - always beyond usual suspects only - to find the candidates with the right potential, motivation and drive. In the candidate appraisal, we use a carefully designed, multifaceted evaluation approach which guarantees an equitable process for the candidates and an unbiased, successful hiring decision for the clients. 

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Colleagues at Work
Colleagues at Work

CEO and Leader Succession Planning

Organizations succeed with the right leadership. Requirements for leadership change rapidly making the review of current requirements versus existing talent a must for every leading organization. This starts from the top and often includes the CEO / Managing Director role. This is one of the most important tasks of any boards.


The modern CEO can create meaningful purpose and engagement, transform businesses and organization and build inclusive teams, at the same time maintaining and driving business performance with humanity and sustainability. Best companies evaluate and grow their CEO and leader bench internally and benchmark the strength externally.


Our succession planning solutions combine leadership advisory, executive assessment and executive search capabilities. We can help you define and measure the leadership and talent you have, identify future talent needs, develop plans to improve the readiness of your key leaders and support in finding external talent to compliment the team. We are ready to help with both immediate succession needs as well as preparing for future succession planning.

Board Succession Planning and Search

Board work balances issues from stakeholder value to compliance and from long-term value creation to diversity, sustainability and renewal. New regulations are putting pressure on board compositions and new skills and knowledge will be needed to compliment the team.


Modern boards focus on sparring their leadership teams, while at the same time keeping a strict line of good governance. They work as tight, genuine teams, which requires a culture of inclusion, dialogue, support and collaborative behaviors representing diverse perspectives to topics on the board agenda.


Finding board members with the right qualifications and profiles is critical and the board composition must always reflect the real needs of long-term strategy, leadership and culture.


What sets Avant Advisors apart is our ability to help you identify the strategic board composition needs both for the longer term as well as for your immediate needs. Our board member search and succession services were designed to build future proof boards. We are specialized in supporting board diversity targets while maintaining full focus on complementary competence needs. Due to our long-term, hands-on experience, we know what a good well-functioning board composition looks like.

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