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Leadership Assessments and Advisory

We provide objective assessments and identify leaders with the right potential and drive.

We develop inclusive and successful leadership teams.


Executive Assessments

Good leaders are more than their positions. Their impact is not limited to the business results only, but on the entire environment where they operate. Recent research confirms that a significant success factor for leaders is their leadership versatility – their capacity to adapt their leadership styles and behaviors to rapidly changing situations. Companies that excel year after year and gain market share from their competitors have leadership talent that can lead with purpose and renew while driving performance, build inclusive, collaborative teams and nurture their people.


With our help, you can objectively identity those leaders who can best grow your business – and who grow with your business. We provide assessments focused on essential leadership competences, behaviors, values and motivators; leaders capable to lead in various situations specific to your business.


We help you make objective and bias-free talent decisions with confidence by using a multi-faceted set of methods tailored for the executive level. We are Hogan assessment certified and can help you with the choice of other suitable assessment methods.


Together we can create a specific plan for growing your current and future leaders and support you in translating assessment results to concrete actions with succession planning, learning initiatives and coaching.

Blurred Business People
Stang-up Meeting

Leadership Team Reviews and Development Planning

In today’s complex environment, leaders do not build success alone. Highly effective leadership teams are essential for any company’s success. Good leadership teams need:


• Alignment with crystal clear vision and purpose

• Right composition and diverse profiles to execute strategy

• Effective ways of working for planning and decision making

• Healthy dynamics and psychological safety

• Effective and healthy communication

• Inclusive culture


Leadership teams align goals, make decisions, decide on messages to be conveyed and critical tasks to be accomplished. Substantial value lies in uniting the right stakeholders unified with the same purpose, establishing an inspiring agenda and setting the speed for growth.


Whether your company is preparing for a period of transition or executing a strategic pivot, we specialize in unleashing the potential of teams by identifying critical areas that can drive substantial improvement both in team and business performance. Our tailored solutions empower you to adapt team ways of working, design team composition and roles and plan a journey towards targeted, impactful actions.

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