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Executive Search

CEO and Senior Business Leaders

Senior business leaders define the direction of the company and drive the successful execution of strategy. With their executive leadership teams, they define the culture and impact of their organizations. We bring an indepth understanding of how the external environment and organizational context influence the suitability of candidates. With our inclusive process, you will find the top leaders with the required competencies, potential, values and diversity. We help you seek beyond the usual suspects!

Sales, Marketing, Sustainability and Communication Leaders

Companies targeting to grow their business and differentiate themselves cannot afford to make mistakes in these key talent positions. Assessing the candidates specific skills in sales, marketing and communication requires true knowledge of what abilities are key in these times of intensifying global competition and digital transformation. From the scarce talent pool, we help our clients find the top leaders with the ability and potential to develop. 

Strategy and Business Development Leaders 

Many companies lack people in positions of power with the confidence to challenge the status quo and to see beyond today's operations. This is why we at Avant Advisors want to make this group of individuals a special point of expertise. Through our inclusive process and methods, we will find the next change leaders for you.

Human Resource Leaders

The importance of high caliber human resource leaders is getting more and more critical as the future of work is dramatically evolving. Companies need to develop their culture, organization and people and ensure the right talent for future needs. We know the modern requirements in this field and can help companies find the right talents for these pivotal roles.

Board Members

Board compositions are a critical success factor for companies. Today's best boards are diverse,  inclusive and work seamlessly as a team. We have hands-on experience in demanding board work and are skilled at finding competent directors who bring complementary experiences and skills to any board setting.

Candidate, Team and Board Assessments

In order to make a confident, objective and bias-free talent decision, we help you evaluate the strategic fit, leadership styles, competences, values and growth potential of your candidates and leadership teams. We are Hogan assessment certified and can help our clients with the choice of suitable assessment methods.

At times of major transformation, we can help you  evaluate your team and board effectiveness beyond individual profiles taking into account the contextual success factors of team alignment, processes and practices as well as team dynamics and culture. 

Career Advice

Everyone is worthy of career advice!
Whether you are employed in your lifelong career or just starting on your career path, it can be helpful to discuss your thoughts with an outsider. 
Together we will explore your career aspirations and come up with a plan.

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