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Together we will discover the widest possible pool of talent, bias-free

Every search firm is talking about diversity and inclusion but are they actually doing something different? Through the statistics, we can see that the traditional approach is not making much difference to the C-suite. Instead, at Avant Advisors, our starting point was a process that will positively disrupt the industry and ensure a sustainable and equitable process from the widest possible selection of qualified and competent candidates.


With this uncompromising focus on diversity and inclusion, we are certain to bring true value to our clients. ​By working with us, our clients not only reach the widest selection of talent for their business needs and teams, but can make the best possible talent decisions with the help of our truly objective and inclusive process and support. We are experienced business people who know what good looks like and what transferrable skills are needed to ensure future success. We will never stop at the usual suspects only!

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